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about us

ELNA LTD. was established in 1990 in Gabrovo, Bulgaria. The company is specialized in development and manufacture of power electronic devices, especially:

CE MarkOur products are designed for individual necessities of each manufacturer and that leads to high flexibility and effectiveness of the results - the main mission of our company. Our goal is not only to sell a machine to a certain client, but to solve his technological problems related to the managing of each production, competent and efficient service and consultation.
The products are certified and they are in accordance with the European requirements for quality and safety.
We have successfully integrated and working induction systems in countries in all the continents of the world. Our clients are companies located in: China, India, Pakistan, Russia, Germany, Canada, Brasil, Peru, Chile, Turkey, Indonesia, Kenia, Bangladesh, Egypt, Syria and more.


Mechatronica SC is a modern manufacturer of Lines for Production of Laminated Tubes and Tube Filling Automatic machines (KOMBIS), with high-qualified staff capable of solving any problem related to packaging.

STS Pack Holding SC.
One of the youngest divisions in the structure of STS Invest Holding SC, Gabrovo is the company for production of laminated tubes. Laminated tubes are manufactured with various designs, intended for packaging of paste-like and gel-like products for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.

Founded in 1967 to industrialise and market a technical innovation in the form of a high and medium frequency aperiodic generator, Fives Celes has remained focused on the development of new energy sources. Fives Celes designs and manufactures induction heating and industrial cooling equipment for customers all over the world.