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Induction heating systems include series of high frequency generators with different power and application for assembly into packing machines and equipment for them, such as inductors, controllers and other modules.
The HF generators are designed on the basis of power MOSFET transistors and they work in the frequency range 70 – 370 kHz and power from 0,4 to 12kW.

HFG 5-XX (0,4 kW - 1 KW)

HFG 5-XX - HF Generator for Induction Top SealingHigh frequency generators - Series HFG 5-XX and inductors for them, are used for the top sealing (membrane) on the shoulders and for inductive welding of inserts in the final closing of bottles, jars as well as welding of covers onto glass and plastic boxes or small food containers for food industry.
The generators could be equipped with a handle for top-sealing modules.
Technical Parameters

HFG 09-XX (0,8 kW - 2,3 KW)

HFG 09-XX - tube and top sealingHigh frequency generators - Series HFG 09-XX and inductors for them, are used for the top sealing (membrane) on the shoulders for applications that use more power and are applicable for tube welding in tube-filling machines, also.
HFG 09-XX is an intermediate serie, that combines the compactness of the smaller generators with the functionality of more powerful series.
Technical Parameters

HFG 3-5 (5 KW)

HF Generator - HFG 3-5 - induction tube weldingHigh frequency generators - Series HFG 3-5 and inductors and modules for them, are used for body and shoulder welding in tube producing machines as well as for sealing of already filled tubes.
The generators have an option to control the welding time from 0,01s to 1s by steps 0,01s as well as to control output power from 50 to 100%. There are modifications of generators adjusted to work in continuous mode, too (HFG 3-5C).
Technical Parameters

HFG 8-12 (8 kW - 12 KW)

HFG 8-12 - HF Generator for Metal Heating & WeldingThe high frequency generators HFG 8-12 are applicable for metal heating and welding with using of inductors specialized for that purpose.
The induction heating and welding of metals needs lower consumption of power, can be applicable for each platform and it is faster than the classic methods of heating/welding.
Technical Parameters

HFG 13-16 (16 KW)

The high frequency generators HFG 13-16 with extra power are applicable for metal heating and welding, when it is required faster heating or it is necessary to be heated more solid pieces.
Technical Parameters

HFG 21-14 (21 KW - 27 KW)

The HFG 21-14 are our highest power HF generators keeping the high frequency parameters. Due to this, they are applicable for metal melting, metal hardening and metal annealing.
The induction metal heating is possible on wide areas and surfaces, too.
Technical Parameters