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  • Universal Controllers for tube filling machines

Universal Controller for Tube Fillig MachinesThe controllers has 3, 5 or 7 opto-insulated inputs, controlled with 24V and 3, 5 or 7 transistor outputs. The inputs and the outputs can be galvanically divided. The controller manages the system with pneumatic cylinder and induction heating generator.
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  • Vibration-Hopper Controllers

Vibration Hopper Controllers Vibration-Hopper controller is regulator for vibro-device with embedded microprocessor controller. It is used controller, which accomplishes control algorithm and has mode for automatically tuning to the concrete vibro-device, and defense functions, duplicated in hardware to guarantee safety system. The advantages of the microprocessor control ensures high reliability and precision work with devices with variant parameters at minimal necessity of operator intervention and possibilities for remote monitoring, controlling and tuning of the whole system by computer network. Download User Manuals

     Controllers, Regulators, Switches

  • DC Regulators, Electronic Switches and other custom devices.



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