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High frequency generators for TUBE WELDING

High Frequency Generator HFG 3-5 for Tube WeldingHigh Frequency Generators - Series HFG 3-5 and the equipment for them, are used for body and shoulder welding in tube producing machines as well as for sealing of already filled tubes. The generators include inductors and modules for different type of welding and controlling the processes of packing machines.
The HF generators are designed on the basis of power MOSFET transistors and they work in the frequency range 250 – 370 kHz and output power 5kW. HFG 3-5 is designed for welding of laminate tubes, made of ABL (aluminium barrier layer) and PBL (plastic barrier layer) foil. The tubes welding is performed under direct induction heating, when using ABL and indirect, when using PBL.
The generators have an option to control the welding time from 0,01s to 1s by steps 0,01s as well as to control output power from 50 to 100%. There are modifications of generators adjusted to work in continuous mode, too (HFG 3-5C) - for special purposes.

HFG 3-5 Series are certified and they are in accordance with the European requirements for quality and safety.

The generators for tube welding are supplied with two types of inductors.

Inductors /Induction heaters/

Tube weldingTube Filling InductorLinear Inductor- Inductors for linear welding with effective length up to 230mm, used for longitudinal welding of tubes or for tube filling machines. Up to 3 tubes can be weldedcross cut at oneand the same time in the tube filling machines.

Tube weldingFrontal (Shoulder) Inductor- Inductors for frontal (shoulder) welding of a tube’s shoulder with maximum tube diameter 50mm. There are modifications for round and ellipse shoulders of the tube.

It is possible using a modification of generators from series HFG 09-XX for some tube-filling machines, which has lower power consumption and smaller dimensions:


HF Generator for induction weldingHigh frequency generators - Series HFG 09-XX are used for the top sealing (membrane) on the shoulders for applications that need more power and are applicable for tube welding in tube - filling machines, also. The consumed power for different modifications is from 0,8 up to 2,4 kW. TECHNICAL PARAMETERS

For each application of induction welding/sealing, we can propose suitable model which allow maximum effectiveness for the manufacturer.

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