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HFG 8-12 - Generator for Induction Metal Heating & WeldingThe high frequency generators Series HFG 8-12 (8kW-12kW), HFG 13-16 (16kW) and HFG 21-14 (21kW-27kW) are applicable for metal heating, treatment, welding, curing, bonding, brazing and soldering with using of inductors (induction heaters) specialized for that purpose.

The induction heating and welding of metals uses lower consumption of power, than conventional methods, it can be applicable for each platform and it is faster than the classic methods of heating/welding.

HFG 8-12 Technical Parameters

HFG 13-16 Technical Parameters

HFG 21-14 Technical Parameters

Induction Metal Heating & WeldingInduction Metal Heating & WeldingInduction Metal Heating & WeldingEach different detail for welding/ heating requires to be designed different type modules and induction heaters. On the photos are shown examples only.

It is possible for heat treatment of smaller details to be used generators with lower power consumption for more effectiveness.

Video with example inductors (HFG 8-12):

We also provide distribution of more powerful induction systems, which are used for metal hardening, quenching, bonding, forging and more.

An example video of 80 kW induction hardening:

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