Power Electronics - Induction Heating and Welding - Automation Systems for Control - Pulse Controllers and Chargers


High Frequency Generators for Induction Heating and WeldingInduction systems include 4 series of high frequency generators for assembly into packing machines and equipment for them such as inductors (induction heaters), controllers etc.
The induction heating and welding has wide range of application: welding of alluminium and laminated foil for tubes (ABL/PBL) or inserts as a part of the packaging manufacture for cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industry, also in metal heating and welding and more. More info

Automation Systems

The automation systems integrated by us in different industries, include: Automation systems

  • System for full control of processes in vacuum kilns.
  • Liquid rotor starters for stepless starting of three-phase motors.
  • Systems for control of textile producing machines.

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Power electronics manufactured by us have different and specific applications, such as:Power electronic devices

  • Power supplies 12V and 24V.
  • Pulse stabilizers and transducers.
  • Frequency controllers for specialized purposes.

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